Andrzej Blonski Architects were commissioned by the London Borough of  Redbridge to undertake a Feasibility Study for The Kenneth More Theatre in Ilford.  The Theatre was officially opened in 1975 and for the past 34 years has been  successful in staging local amateur productions, visiting professional shows and professional in house productions. The Kenneth More Theatre is widely considered to need improvement, and London Borough of Redbridge are looking to invest in the future of the theatre by looking for ways to enlarge, enhance and improve the  existing facilities and fabric of the building in order to respond to the changing needs of the community and the areas wider context of diversity.

The existing fabric of the building is tired and needs a series of alterations and modifications which will re-energise and improve its external appearance, any future work may consider the improvement or replacement of the external cladding.

The internal layout presents a series of obstacles concerning accessibility and back of stage use. The theatre is in need of serious backstage improvements, including enlarging the workshop and scene dock areas, and adding additional dressing rooms as well as separate toilets for children under 16.

Kenneth More Theatre

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